Concept of talent

Talents are unseen in the balance sheet, but they are the most valued asset to an enterprise.

Talents are mainly cultivated by internal selection, supplemented by eternal recommendation.

Only assisting employees fulfilling their dreams, could an enterprise achieve success.

Employees should have a chance to enjoy the fruit of an enterprise’s development.

We endeavor to create a fair and impartial competiveness environment, set up a scientific and effective employment, selection, training, stimulation and evaluation human resource management system and a sustainable platform.

Only if you contribute yourself to work and learn industriously, you would gain payback and realize your dreams in return. We are looking forward you to joining us and develop together.

As a study indicated, people who embrace these qualities would be successful to a great extent;

Open mind, energy and confidence

Sound values and honesty

Great ability of learning and innovation

Excellent ability of communication and coordination

Responsibility and great executive ability

Pay and benefits

All staffs enjoy annual leaves and statutory holidays.

Providing with Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Day, New Year’s Day and Spring Festival gifts.

Providing with five social insurances and one housing fund.

Providing with quarterly departmental operating expenses, annual bonus, annual travel and annual checkup.

Providing with annual awards and annual salary increase.

Setting with emergency relief funds for helping employees who are in need.

Providing recreational facilities, such as Snooker room, Table tennis room, basketball court and gym.

Providing with kinds of recreational and sports activities, such as Yuanxiao festival celebration, Karaoke contest, calligraphy competition, sports meet, wine party, departmental activities and annual meeting.

Social recruitment, campus recruitment

We also offer